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Greetings again, all of you grammar lovers and I hope you're all doing well. All you need to remember is to use the plural (PAIRS) when there are more than one groups of items, things, etc. Pretty easy, huh? Groan. Where have these writers been all their lives? All three of these sentences are incorrect because each pair refers to more than one group of items! Just place the S on the end of PAIR and you'll be correct. Today, I have decided to tackle another one of those very common errors we constantly hear that, I must admit, is going through some transition today. As I've said many times before, our language continues to change and certain expressions we hear many times today may have been considered terrible mistakes fifty years ago, for example. For this reason, Webster's now includes words in our dictionaries that are becoming semi-acceptable, and this is so because they are used so often. However, this doesn't mean that we should include these expressions in our own speech. After all, there are plenty of folks besides English teachers who cringe at the use of some of these bloopers. ONE PAIR of shoes sit under the bed. meaning there are two different shoes under the bed--one for the right foot and one for the left foot. but together they are called . A PAIR or one group. However, if you were to say. FOUR PAIR OF GLOVES TODAY FOR $9.99. FIVE PAIRS of shoes sit under the bed. an S is needed on PAIR to make it plural! THREE PAIR OF PAJAMAS ON SALE FOR $ 19.99. or. Well, all right! What a simple rule to learn! Just remember that an S on a noun means it is plural and that's what you mean when you say. п»їKlonopin bestellen online. I bought three PAIRS of overalls to wear when I work in the fields. AHHHH. such music to my ears! Remember how Webster's defines PAIR: two corresponding things designed for use together as one thing. TWO PAIR OF PANTS FOR $14.95. 0r. Have a great week doing what you enjoy most. Peace and happiness, GG. One such error that is slowly creeping into the common use file today is the misuse of PAIR and PAIRS. Now we all know that A PAIR of something generally means ONE of a group of items: Advertisers in newspapers and on television quite frequently use these two words incorrectly. Watch out for ads that say something such as. FIVE PAIR of shoes sit under the bed. you would be implying that there are ten different shoes under the bed, but you're not saying it correctly. Here, you should say. ONE PAIR of shoes means exactly what it says.

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